So that happened.

This weekend, Aaron and I were out sweeping our driveway during an epic sunset. So things are already a bit weird cause we're sweeping. The snow has been super powdery and we happen to have an industrial broom that does the trick.

So, like I said, we're sweeping the driveway. And the sun is setting. And it is EPIC. Peachy pink coral clouds blowing fast across the azure blue sky, and then the golden hour hits: you know, that five minute moment of perfect twilight where everything takes on a golden hue?

At that precise moment where I'm deciding whether to grab my camera or just finish sweeping, Aaron yells my name from the edge of the driveway.

"Rachel, look!"

I turn towards the road to see a short & stocky pony (later identified as a shetland), accompanied by a black sheep, barreling towards Aaron. Just givin' er. Renegades running for their lives.

Let me repeat: Renegade Pony with rogue sheep sidekick.

When they see Aaron, arms widespread, they make a 180 and start sprinting back down the road. Towards an out-of-breath-man wielding a carrot.

Upon seeing the the carrot man, the pair u-turn it back towards Aaron.

A barking dog enters the scene. Repeat.

I stand there, industrial broom in hand.

Aaron and Carrot Man eventually narrow the gap between them, trapping the pony and the sheep between them, with some help from barking dog and my broom. Carrot Man finally gets a hold of Pony and Sheep remains loyally by Pony's side. Carrot Man seems frazzled and embarrassed and thanks us, amid "tabernouches", for being there.

Glad of The Thick Coat

[shetland pony image by DartMoor Giant on flickr]

I am BUSTING A GUT at this point, but trying to hold it in until Carrot Man is out of earshot.

Hey Aaron, remember that time you stopped the Pony and Sheep from literally riding off into the sunset together?!