Chainsaw Dave

Aaron met our friend Dave during cabinetmaking school. Dave rocks. He's the kind of guy who has his birthday party on his balcony in the winter, where he has built a bar of ice, complete with ice beer mugs and ice shot glasses. Dave and his lovely girlfriend Becky visited us at the new house on Garden Day, when we used the excuse of Aaron's 30th birthday to coerce our friends into the hard physical labour required to put in a vegetable garden. Dave almost immediately disappeared behind the house and we were serenaded by the melodic sounds of a chainsaw for the next three hours.

When we followed the sounds, we saw Dave had come across a fallen tree that he was transforming into our first outdoor sculpture. Our other friend named Dave took these amazing in-process photos with his pro camera.

The end result was Little John, who now guards the veggie garden built by our loved ones. He's laughing, somewhat maniacally, and we love his jaunty hat.

We like to call him "Lil Jon" like the rapper cause he kinda looks like he's rockin' a grill. We have awesome friends.

Dave studied and worked in architecture but decided he'd rather be building things with his hands instead of spending his life in front of a computer. Dave's always been a carver, since he picked it up 20 years ago in Boy Scouts. And then he was introduced to Chainsaw Carving two years ago.

"I find it really peaceful carving with a chainsaw b/c between the noise and the vibrations and the need to pay attention that the saw doesn't kick and land up somewhere it doesn't belong, everything else just kind of fades into the background."

Check out more of Dave's carvings here. If you're interested in a carving, you can contact Dave at abramson [dot] david [at] gmail [dot] com.

Dave also makes & sells these awesome 8-bit video game character cutting boards and more on his etsy shop.

Carve on, Chainsaw Dave! Oh, and we've got an awesome standing dead tree with your name on it....