Name that homestead!

Ok. We have been wracking our brains for a name for our house. Like Emerson Farm or Deer Haven, we want an awesome name for our place so people can say "hey, we're going to "blah blah" for the weekend" which will make everyone feel special and flush with weekend-getaway-excitement.

So we came up with a name. I don't even wanna type it, it's so awful. We now hate it, which isn't good, since we only came up with it three months ago and haven't even said it out loud. So it's got to go.

Rachel is obsessed with the word "Homestead". It just has such a nice ring to it, no? So we're really trying to come up with a word to insert in front of "homestead". The word 'farm' is nice, and so is 'haven'. And so is 'cottage', but it's not a cottage if it's our primary residence, is it?

We realize these things are supposed to come about organically. It's just that we're dying to wood carve ourselves a sign.

And 'The Blisscraft & Brazen Homestead' is kinda long to say....

Besides, wouldn't it be way more fun if we made it a contest?! So submit your ideas below in the comments! If we pick your submission, you'll get a mystery Blisscraft&Brazen prize pack! We promise it'll be awesome.

Some ideas to get you started:

We're on an acre of land. We have deer, bears and rabbits romping around the region.We're near a whole bunch of lakes, in a mountainous region (the Laurentians of Quebec) in a town called Sainte-Marguerite-du-Lac-Masson. Aaron's last name is Reaume and Rachel's is Dhawan.

Let the awesomeness begin!