Love is in the air

Flower Love:

We found an unbloomed hyacinth for $1.99 at the hardware store and it has filled our home with its glorious scent. Best $1.99 ever spent.

Blog Love:

Feeling blog love from General 54, who interviewed Rachel about Brazen Design and specifically asked about the new collaboration between us!

House Guest Love:

Despite the -20 temperatures and distance-driven-through-snow-factor, we thought no one would want to come visit up during the winter. To our joy, we have already had many guests and the rest of the winter is booking up with weekend visitors. And only a handful are actually just here for the skiing ;)

House Love:

The thick blanket of snow surrounding our house is magical - Staring at the acre of pure white, sun hitting it, tree shadows marching across it... inspiring. We're coming up to the 1 year anniversary of the day we saw our house for the first time - Valentine's day! How appropriate.

Now our house just needs a name! If you haven't heard we're having a Name That Homestead contest - the winner will receive a B&B Prize Pack!