Where we love is Home

A year ago today, Aaron and I saw our house for the first time. It was actually our first DAY of looking at houses, and in the spirit, I had fashioned Aaron a valentine's gift. It was a keychain, in the shape of a house, wood with a natural heart shaped hole on one side and silver on the other, stamped with "WHERE WE LOVE IS HOME". It was also the piece that started the Blisscraft & Brazen project of combining wood and silver (though as you can see the key chain hasn't fared that well so there was a lot of troubleshooting to be done before we started the collaboration).

We're not doing anything special today [we usually don't on Valentine's] but it is a good reminder, a check-in, to be loving in our lives, daily. We wish you love for yourself, love for others, and love for your life. We know it's often a struggle, but we're rooting for you.

OH YEAH, and if you wanna help us with our house love, we're looking for a name, enter our contest here!