Country Schooled #4. This one's for the birds...

Aaron's mom found this AWESOME mini-gazebo bird feeder on the side of the road, which is so great 'cause we've been keeping our eyes open for a bird feeder. She also gifted us a hummingbird feeder for Christmas, so come spring it's gonna be a full on bird FEAST up in here. (Feast for the birds, we promise we won't feast on these winged friends.)

Watching the birds has proved to be endlessly entertaining. And educational. We have learned that squirrels are devious monopolizing beasts that can climb anything and finish a bird feeder full of seed in one sitting.

Another lesson? Size matters and birds are MEAN. We have two blue jays who visit us daily and they are BULLIES. When I was a kid, my younger sister wouldn't let me play on her pogo ball, even if she was in the kitchen having a snack. The idea of it being used by someone else even when she didn't or couldn't play with it turned her into one mean & selfish little wench. These bluejays remind me of that. God forbid a tiny chickadee fly in for a brief snack, the bluejays watching from the broken willow tree will fly in, screech, and then fly away WITHOUT EVEN STOPPING FOR A SNACK. I think I now know where the expression "flipping the bird" comes from.

Isn't that gazebo awesome? Look at all that detail! I'm kinda jealous, I want a human sized one full of ice cream.