Country Schooled #5: Baffled

Here's an update on the squirrel baffle sitch. To catch you up, the squirrels got around Aaron's upside-down-double-plant-pot baffle. We noticed they were grabbing hold of the rims of each plant pot, and using that to get up. At one point, they managed to separate the two pots, effectively creating two landing spots on their way to gorge themselves on bird seed.

A visit out to the birdfeeder with some scissors and screws and SUCCESS. Squirrels baffled. We rejoiced.

But then a haggle of squirrels began to gather, to discuss this new challenge.

And then the squirrels did something that demonstrated a desperation that made us give up on trying to baffle these birdseed-bogarting bastards. They started to chew the baffle into pieces.

They haven't chewed it off yet. But I say give 'em a week and they'll have reduced the baffle to a pile of plastic pieces on the ground. My teeth hurt just thinking about it.

If they want seed that badly, we say let 'em have it.

UPDATE, March 13th, 2012. They got through it five minutes after I published this post. When Aaron went out to pick up the plastic, he was deeply disturbed to discover there wasn't much on the ground... blech!