Spring Interrupted, or Gratuitous use of Macro

We got snow. Like, REAL SNOW. Like, serious waking up to 6 inches on the ground and still coming SNOW.

I know, I know - we shouldn't be surprised by the annual freak April snowstorm that Mother Nature throws your way when your winter coat is at the dry cleaner's. It's just her way of showing us who's boss and making sure we stay on our suede-clad peep-toes.

Despite our crazy spring snow day adventures, which I'll rant about in this week's instalment of Country Schooled, we decided to spend our late afternoon hiking around a lake we had yet to visit. I took my camera and got lots of juicy pictures of bursting new buds drenched by freezing rain. Here's some eye candy to remind us it's spring and not fall, and that this snow will melt and reveal luscious grass, flowers and veggies.

[There's a spot on my lens, and it's not ON the lens, but behind it. It needs a professional camera cleaning, especially as it'll be the main camera at a wedding this summer. Any recommendations for a good, reliable and reasonably priced place to take it, in Montreal?)