Country Schooled #8: Keep those tires on

Whoops! I never hit "publish" on this bad boy. Snow has long melted but never to late to be Country Schooled! We woke up on Monday morning (a Monday in April) to a six inch layer of snow on the ground, with tons more of it falling from the skies - y'know, the usual freak late April snowstorm. It snowed for two days straight and the white stuff lingered on the ground for a week. Of course, we had changed our winter tires for our summer tires at the beginning of April, thinking we were being so on top of things and smart and such.

Atleast we had the sense to stay home.

Oh wait! No we didn't. Cause we had mad Mother's Day orders to get to the post office. Picture city folks in a Honda Civic with no hubcabs (we may have forgotten them when we swapped our tires, and we may have thought that was something you did on your own, later...right?) fishtailing down a snowy country road, and then calling CAA when the car wouldn't start on our way back home.

At least we're providing our neighbours and local retailers with something to talk about, right? Fueling the fires of "oh, those city folk"...