Country School #9: Tempo Timing

What should you do with the first nice weekend in April? No, don't go to your nearest mechanic to have your winter tires removed (see Country School #8). Instead, consider taking down your Tempo instead. Tempos are those hideous temporary garages in all their steel rod frame and plastic tarp glory. And guess what? If they aren't down by May 1st, you will pay a nice little fine for each day it graces your driveaway as of May 2nd.

So that's what that municipal truck was doing as it slowly rolled by each morning during my coffee break.

Also, not sure how this lesson works with Country School's last lesson about keeping winter tires on well into May... either way, we got SCHOOLED.

p.s. to be fair, I should mention that our adorable little town, perhaps because they know we are newbies, gave us a one month grace period and withheld the fines. We do not plan on testing this theory. What we do want to know is, if we got a clear tarp, and used it as a greenhouse the rest of the year, is it still an illegal tempo?