Country Mail

On Thursday, Aaron went to check the mail. It's about two minutes down the road, on the edge of the Renegade Pony's property. Our mailbox is a unit in a large Canada Post box holding about two dozen mailboxes. Each address is assigned a box with its own sexy Canada Post key. I usually check it on a morning stroll to the dock with my cup of coffee (yes, I know that is an envy-inducing sentence).

[One of the things I love about rural mail is if you are receiving a package, the mailperson will leave your package in one of two larger units and then leave you a key to that box, which you discard by putting in the general letter slot. I don't know what it is about seeing one of those keys in my mailbox but it makes me giddy - it's an added element of the gleeful package receiving ritual.]

Anyhow, back to Thursday. Aaron goes off to get the mail. And there's no mailbox. The two structures holding all the mail for our area is gone, with only a lighter rectangular patch on the gravel to indicate it was ever there.

Aaron returns home with his news and we do a quick "what were we expecting in the mail that may have been stolen" brainstorm. When I drop off B&B orders at the Post Office in town, I let them know our mailbox had been stolen. She laughs, explains that the mailbox had been moved to the "next location" (she doesn't know where) and that a notice had been sent out. She thinks.

On Friday, I head out of the house in search of our mailbox. I decide to go left, and after a couple of minutes, I come across four postal units. I try our key in mailbox #4 of each unit, and on the last one, the key fits! Mailbox successfully located, though we're kinda bummed that the new mailbox is farther away, up a hill, and requires crossing at the apex of a dangerous turn in the road.

Today, I went to check the mail and bust a gut when I found this notice:

There is so much wrong with this letter, above and beyond the fact that is showed up IN the new mailbox location AFTER the boxes were moved.

1. It's not yet August 27.

2. What consultation?

3. New mailbox location is both inconvenient AND dangerous.

Oh well! The longer uphill walk is good exercise and none of our mail was stolen.