Valentine's, B&B style!

valentine-chopsticksWell, hello there! Happy New Year!

Whoa, so...2013 is two weeks old! And already feels like old news around these here parts!

We have about seventy five draft blog posts, Country Lessons, reflections, thank you's, How Tos, and general updates... there was definitely no plan for our first post of the year to be about the next commercial holiday!

Believe us, we are total Valentine's Day sceptics and know all too well that high expectations on this overly commodified occasion can result in disastrous and nightmarish Valentine's Day memories.

We also know that when you DO stumble across the perfect gift for your lover, or when things have been rough on the homefront and your love life is need of a gesture of goodwill, Valentine's is a great opportunity to take the time to say "I love you".


And so we've put together a humble, functional and touching valentine's gift package, that's perfect for foodies, lovers of asian take out, or the fast eater in your life (eating with chopsticks is a great way to force yourself to slow down and savour your food!)

For $50 CAD, you get:

:: two handmade chopsticks made from salvaged wood, with distinct faceted detailing!

:: free shipping!

:: free stamping of you and your lover's initials!

:: romantic b&B gift-wrapping and surprise goodies!

Check out the listing for all the details!