Window Treatment

window-trim-detail After two straight months without a day off, we were close to losing our minds - and so we self-imposed a real weekend.

What magic!

We spent Saturday walking around the lake and reading books on the couch. And then Sunday was spent learning to trim a window for the first time in our lives.

DISCLAIMER before you read the rest of this post - this is one of those "really boring mundane why would i want to know that and read about it" blog posts that's mostly meant to keep friends and family from feeling like Aaron and I fell through a hole in the lake. Consider yourself warned!

Many of the windows in our house are in the unsightly "framed by a raw edge of drywall, insulation and foam" stage - that is to say, untrimmed. It's been driving us nuts but we haven't been able to find the time to fix it.


We started with the kitchen window since it's the most public eye-sore. It took us the whole day since we weren't working from pre-milled stuff - we milled our own trim from large pine 2 x 8s, since we have the tools and the wood.


We decided on a built in shelf with a little half round detailing, and a lintel top instead of the standard miter corners. Maybe a bit ambitious, and we did almost give up half way through- but the thought of adding it to our already long To Do list for the coming week saw us through.


When we stepped back and admired our handiwork, we couldn't believe how good it looked! And satisfying. There's nothing like doing NOTHING for once, and then doing SOMETHING that isn't just for sale or someone else's enjoyment.

Super hard to get good pictures of a window frame when you have insane amounts of snow glaring off the camera lens so here you go. Oh, and the lovely tulips were left here  after a photoshoot for a magazine feature on B&B, details to come!


Gratuitous tulip shot.