Jars full of onions

Ok, not onions, exactly. Onion flowers! Well, chive flowers. These things have been making my WEEK. I have jars of them around my house and they are stunning. I can stare at them for hours. They're so pretty at all stages, from the sepal-enclosed bulb, the half opened blooms, the round head of open soft purple-pink flowers with their teeny-tiny anthers perched on their filaments.

I've had a rough couple weeks, with what seems a year's worth of shipping problems happening all at once - delays, missing packages, swapped envelopes and miscommunications. On top of the shipping drama, I've had some problems with my jewellery castings and I'm under some serious pressure from wedding-rings-and-bridesmaids/groomsman-presents deadlines. The deadlines being, y'know... the wedding. Can't really miss a deadline like that.

The stress has been taking its toll and the constantly pouring gray skies this week just enabled my mood.

But! These jars full of chive flowers got me through. Spend five minutes lost in the miniature universe of purple petals, bright green stems and delicate stamens and the bigger picture reveals itself. How can one be upset in a world where these incredible things exist?

The best part is that chives grow like dandelions! We have about four patches of them on our property and we never look after them - they just appear every spring, lush and healthy and abundant. They also keep in the vase for ages - my oldest chive bouquet is now two weeks old and still going strong.

Look at that! It's like a bouquet within a flower!

I placed some of them in our B&B mini bud vases along our windowsills and they look so pretty as a single flower in a vase.

And then I found a recipe for a dressing made from chive flowers, on The Barrows Farm blog via The Soulsby Farm blog. You place the flower heads in a mason jar in the sun with vinegar... and I bet that looks gorgeous too!