Country Schooled #6 : Friendly Fauna

Birds stop by the feeder for lunch, squirrels run zig zag patterns looking for whatever they can find and the occasional a deer will grace us with their presence. Also, I'll never forget the distinct possibility that a rogue farm animal may speed on by. Outside of these there are the visitors that remain elusive. Under cover of darkness they stalk in and leaving no trace. Most of the time... Tracks

Paw print in relation to our boot prints

wolf reclining

photo: Bernard Landgraf

There's a growing list of animal visitors we detect by the clues they leave behind. True, it's a short list. Currently there are only two animals on that list: Foxes and Wolves. How can we be certain you ask? Well, a keen eye for detail and good ol'fashion fact checking.

Most recently a Wolf left tracks in the muddy ground next to our kitchen window. The visit solidified our suspicion that there may be wolves in the area. You see, last summer we found some scat chock full of deer hair left to fertilize our lilac tree.

In case you were wondering: No, I don't feel there's any reason for alarm; I gave up sleeping by moonlight slathered in bbq sauce a long time ago. To the contrary, I celebrate the natural diversity surging around us ... even while we sleep. I find it invigorating to step outside into the cathedral of the forest listening to a choir of birds. I really appreciate the constant reminder I exist somewhere teaming with wildlife. I love stepping outside to observe the subtle and drastic changes that are always in motion. Discovering the prints was an electric moment. I hope there are many more surprise visitors on their way.