Country Style

As a self-diagnosed fashion addict, Rachel has been having a bit of a hard time dressing for some of our more extreme country climate moments. Like yesterday, when a large snowfall was followed by a bout of freezing rain. If we had left the bank of snow created by the street plow to sit at the end of the driveway, we would have had a nice ice mountain today; not conducive to our low-riding Honda Civic. Our Canada Goose jackets, despite being the best things to happen to our survival of winter, are not great for wet weather. They aren't that moisture repellant, and when that down gets wet - peeewwwweeeee. So this is the best cold-wet-weather outfit Rachel could put together:

This lovely ensemble features a neon-green MEC rainjacket (half off sale due to hideous colour) worn over top a Large Men's wool sweater (borrowed from Aaron), paired with a Large Men's snowpant (also courtesy of Aaron), and topped off with Value Village sourced rainboots. Accessorized with yellow pashmina and red leather gloves, stylist's own, and look of self-disgust.