And the winner is...

Well, wait a sec, a couple explanations first. Aaron and I are a bit late on the announcement due to impromptu house guests, a flu and lack of consensus. We have finally picked a winner, but there's actually kinda two winners. Aaron and I were immediately smitten with Lynn "Pinowser"'s suggestion of "Silverwood Estate" but we didn't totally love the word "Estate". Cristina Flores suggested "Silverwood Homestead", which we like more. Ultimately, though, we decided "Silverwood 'Stead" had the best ring to it. Since Lynn was the first to suggest "Silverwood", the prize pack (pictured above) will be going to her! Never fear, Cristina won't leave empty handed! She will be receiving a split log tea light candle complete with Montreal-made beeswax tealights. Yay!

There were some great runner-up suggestions that we want to point out:

Cass's suggestion of B&B Awesome Factory (which was a heavy contender).

Ligia's "DhaReau Chateau" is simultaneously weird, hilarious & awesome sounding.

Sofia's awesome mashup, "Brazencraft", will find a use somewhere someday.

Tim White's awesomely redundant and punny "Home Sweet Homestead" makes us chuckle. A lot.

Cameron's suggestion of "Silverwood Ranch" was Rachel's favourite but even all her cowgirl 'tude could not convince Aaron to call our place a ranch. Sorry Cam!

And Christine Bachinsky's over-the-phone submission of 'The Rogue Pony & Sheep Inn" will always keep us doubled over in tear-inducing laughter.

Thank you EVERYONE! Now it's time to make a sign!