We walked on water

In our search for a good walking trail, Aaron and I decided to try out a big lake near us that has a ski mobile highway crossing it. It's weird and disorienting to see a "cul de sac" sign in the middle of a lake.

We weren't sure if the un-carved snow would be too deep for us to wade through but it turned out to be just right; deep enough for a nice thigh workout but not so deep we'd get stuck. It was remarkably quiet and sunny and before we knew it we were 2/3rds of the way to one of the many islands dotting the lake. As we approached the shore we saw tons of animal footprints that looked like maybe coyote or wolf or something along those lines (the island didn't have any houses on it so its straight up wild - pretty cool).

We also found a goldmine of peeling birch, which made a great addition to our quickly dwindling kindling and tinder stash.

I found it so disorienting to think I was walking on a lake. I had to see the ice for myself to believe I wasn't in danger of taking a step that gave way under me. The thousands of plow tracks should have been reassuring enough, since I don't weigh anywhere close to a snow plough, even with a heavy brunch in me. I kept thinking "hey, maybe this is how Jesus did it!"

On our way back some snowmobilers stopped to ask us the name of the lake, which was hilarious since we didn't actually know. We could only answer that it was "Highway 43". Renegade ponies, lakes that turn into highways and bear poop beside the lilac bush... what is this place?!

Country Schooled: lesson #1 learned living in the sticks

You know that awesome walking path you found? Yeah, well, it's a highway. For snowmobiles. And they don't want you walking there.

It's crazy - there's a whole other highway system in the winter for snowmobiles. Like, they actually have a for reals Provincial highway sign with a number and everything. It cuts right across lakes. And they have markers to mark the two "lanes" for coming and going snowmobiles.

UPDATE! On today's walk, there were many signs of this being a non-pedestrian-friendly zone: speed signs, road directions, and lots of skidoo marks. And then, when I heard a snow mobile approaching, I stepped off to the side where my left leg was INSTANTLY submerged up to my crotch (would have been deeper if not for said crotch). It was STUCK, no wiggling out. I tried to look cool while the snowmobiler passed me then frantically dug myself out with my two hands and turned my damp self back in the direction of home. Sigh.