Angled Couch Arm Wrap


Angled Couch Arm Wrap

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These Arm Wraps fit like a glove over the arm of your couch, sofa, arm chair and even ottomans. They make a fantastic surface for a drink or laptop. No more precariously balancing your coffee or red wine!

Made from solid native hardwoods, custom built for your sofa.

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:: Material ::

We make these couch arm rests from solid native hardwoods.

:: How we make it and what you are buying ::

This listing is for a custom made couch or sofa arm wrap made of solid wood, made by hand right here in the B&B wood shop. Scroll down for dimensions.

We start with raw native lumber. It is cut, re-sawn and planed into 3" - 4" wide boards, which we laminate together, alternating the grain direction of each strip in order to minimize wood movement and maximize strength.

All of the surfaces are sanded to a satiny 180, and we finish them with two applications of our hardy eco finish.

Our arm wraps are not screwed, nailed or made with any kind of metal fasteners. They are as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside, and will not mar your couch whatsoever.

:: Will it work for your couch? ::

This particular listing is for an angled arm couch, with a maximum width of 9 inches.

What if my couch arm is wider than 9"? No problem! Each additional inch is 5$ - we will contact you if there is an extra charge.

I have a roll arm couch, can you make an arm wrap for it? No problem! You'll want the regular arm rest listing, and make sure to mention that it's a roll arm couch. You will need to use a different measuring diagram to accurately measure your couch arm - you'll see it in the Measurements section of the regular Arm Wrap listing.

I think I saw that you have a plywood version for less? Absolutely! We make a plywood version for $150 - there's an additional $25 charge for angled arm wraps due to the extra precise joinery work. Check out our other listings and you'll see the $150 version - make sure to choose the $175 angled arm wrap version when checking out!

:: Wood options ::

We makes these in walnut, cherry, maple and oak. Have another wood species in mind? Let us know!

You will choose a wood from the drop down menu. We make your arm wrap from solid wood, and we do not stain it - the beauty of the natural tone of the wood is left to shine through our eco hard wax oil finish.

:: Dimensions ::

The top surface of the arm wrap is 14 inches deep and as wide as the width of your couch arm. The inner drop is 4.5 inches long and the outer drop is 7.5 inches long. The wood is approximately 1/2 inch thick.

Please note: If your arm wrap is wide than 11", please contact us for material and shipping surcharges.

Let us know if any of these dimensions do not fit your couch design - these are completely custom made, so it's easy to change them to fit your couch!

:: Measurements ::

These are custom made for your couch. Please have a look at the illustration below for how best to take this measurement - we recommend using two books and a flat ruler to get the most accurate measurement. Be careful not to apply pressure to the couch, thereby condensing any of the upholstery. You will supply the measurements when checking out, or later via email if you are unable to measure at this time.

Please note: If your arm wrap is wide than 11", please contact us for material and shipping surcharges.

Welcome to B&B, makers of the original couch arm wrap! The days of precariously balancing red wine while watching TV are officially over.

We make these solid wood arm wraps to fit ANGLED ARM couch, sofa and arm chair arms, using cabinetmaker-grade joinery techniques, formaldehyde-free adhesives, and a zero-VOC finish. Your arm wrap will be 14 inches deep with an inner drop of 4.5 inches and an outer drop of 7.5 inches (if you'd like any of those to be shorter, simply include a note when checking out!)

:: Ready to order?

  1. Measure your couch arm using the second last image.
  2. Choose your wood species from the drop down menu as well as Measurement A.
  3. Provide Measurements A, B + C in the Message to Seller upon checkout!

:: Looking for our straight arm listing? See it here:

:: Want to know more? Read on!

:: How we make it ::

Once we have your couch arm measurement, we make each arm wrap on demand, custom built for your exact couch.

We start with locally sourced, native species hardwood trees, kiln-dried and milled into rough boards. We re-saw these rough boards to approximate 3" wide strips which are planed, jointed and then laminated with water resistant, formaldehyde-free wood glue, alternating the grain direction of each strip in order to minimize wood movement and maximize strength. We create the final shape using what is called an edge lamination. In the case of the angled arm wrap, we precisely calculate the angles which will fit to your particular couch arm, using the measurements your provide.[The edge to edge lamination is super strong. Our very first prototype used a miter lamination, as you may notice in Image 4, but miters are usually end-grain to end-grain laminations which aren't as strong. It's more complicated then that but that's the simplified version! ]

All surfaces are then sanded to a silky smooth 180 before receiving three coats of our environmentally-friendly zero-VOC hard wax oil finish. Our Osmo Hard Wax Oil finish is made of organic resins, waxes and oils, and works by penetrating into the wood fibres, strengthening them while leaving the natural beauty of the wood to shine. It doesn't sit on the surface like varnish or lacquer and therefore isn't prone to clouding or chipping - and most importantly it's completely safe for you and your family - this stuff is certified in Europe for use on children's toys! A breeze to clean and maintain, simply clean with a damp cloth and wipe dry.

Our arm wraps do not use any metal hardware - they are made using traditional furniture joinery techniques. The inside is finished as completely as the outside and will not mar your couch in any way.

We make these in either solid cherry, solid maple, solid walnut, solid white oak, or solid ebonized white oak. The last image shows a sampling of the four woods - please keep in mind that wood, being a natural material, can have many variations in wood grain and tone. We do not stain these, the colour you see is the natural wood grain and tone in all its glory.

We need to know your couch arm width, i.e. thickness of your sofa / couch arm. Image 4 illustrates how best to take this measurement - we recommend using another person, two books and a flat ruler to get the most accurate measurement. Don't apply pressure to the couch, in order not to condense any of the upholstery. Input this measurement when you order, by using the drop down menu on the right!

Please keep in mind that these are custom made for your couch, and we need accurate measurements from you. If any of this is confusing and you need help, don't hesitate to ask! We have often video-call participated in couch measuring :)

Please allow 3 - 4 weeks for the creation of your couch arm wrap.

FYI! We offer a free emailed PDF gift certificate you can print out to gift! Just leave us a note in the Message to Seller when checking out!